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La struttura del consiglio di amministrazione


CPU(core board's part)
CPU is the most important part of the core board, which is composed of arithmetic unit and controller,
If the computer is compared to a person, then the CPU is his heart, and its important role can be seen from this. No matter what kind of CPU, its internal structure can be summarized into three parts: control unit, logic unit and storage unit. These three parts coordinate with each other to analyze, judge, calculate and control the coordinated work of various parts of the computer.

storage(core board's part)

Memory is a component used to store programs and data. For a computer, only with memory can it have memory function and ensure normal operation. There are many kinds of memory. According to its purpose, it can be divided into main memory and auxiliary memory. The main memory is also called internal memory (memory for short), and the auxiliary memory is also called external memory (external memory for short). External memory is usually magnetic media or optical disks, such as hard disk, floppy disk, tape, CD, etc. it can store information for a long time and does not rely on electricity to save information, but driven by mechanical parts, the speed is much slower than CPU. Memory refers to the storage component on the motherboard. It is the component with which the CPU communicates directly and uses it to store data. It stores the data and programs currently in use (i.e. executing). Its physical essence is one or more groups of integrated circuits with data input and output and data storage functions. Memory is only used to store programs and data temporarily, Once the power is turned off or a power failure occurs, the programs and data in it will be lost.